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After her sister was killed, she made it her mission to visit the station every day for three months straight. She interviewed people around town, pieced together clues, and gave constant information about her sister. We don’t need to hear another story about how much of a sweetheart she was, is what she’d get in response. It pissed her off. If her father was still living, the lack of results would have killed him. Hell, if her father was still alive, he’d have had the killer strung up by the balls a long time ago.

Reya didn’t have any newspaper clippings with her this time nor a folder stuffed to the brim with evidence. She opened her car door, stepped out, and hurried over to the station entrance before anyone got the chance to tell Detective Warren she was there. Undoubtedly, he’d make a mad dash for the back exit.

Reya pushed the station door open. She heard groans and a surprising amount of “Oh nos!”

“Detective Warren, please.” She said in her most polite voice once she reached the front desk.”

In a rushed manner the officer at the desk said, “He’s out to lunch.”

Reya checked her phone. “It’s 10:45 AM.”

The girl at the desk shrugged.

In the distance Reya heard a loud voice cackling then Detective Warren came parading around the corner.

Reya turned and glared at the front desk officer who, in turn, blushed pink. She spun back around, and her eyes met with the Detective’s. The smile on his face melted away like ice cream on a hot sidewalk. That’s the look she expected.

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