Motherhood Parenting

Hey, mama.

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To the tired mom…You look great!
To the overwhelmed mom…You got this.
To the stressed mom…It’s going to be ok.
To the sad mom…Never stop smiling.

There are days when as a mother, I feel like I’ve lost total control. Truth is, I was trying to control things that couldn’t be controlled and forgetting to put energy into the things that could.

Broken down and tired, I decided not to obsess over the negative but rather focus on all the good.

I’m too tired to cook= Takeout it is.

My kids have been wild all day= If you can’t beat them join them. I’ll put on some music and we can all jump around.

I feel like a mess = Look, my kids are so happy.

I don’t feel like myself = *Thinks back to all the times my kids said I was the best mommy ever.*

Things can really get tough raising tiny humans but don’t give yourself a hard time over it. There’s no right answer on how to deal with motherhood and it’s ups and downs. You’re doing the best you can do and I bet your children are so greatful to have you. So, chin up and enjoy the chaos that will one day be just memories.