God’s blessings during a hard season

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I have been struggling lately. Between work and financial demands, I was just tired. I’m not at a point in my life where things get me down easily, so understand me when I say the last few weeks have been draining.

In the midst of it all, God reminded me to be faithful and not be shaken by all the chaos around me. I decided to pray it out and worship God in the storm. I brought flowers to work one day for a few coworkers, then a few days later had a bucket of chocolate for my coworkers to take from, and the next week I gave out flowers and cards to everyone. I truly believe that’s why God has been blessing me this week.

I got a financial blessing this past Wednesday, then Thursday I was blessed TWICE. One of the blessings was a Christmas tree. Being that money seemed to be getting pulled out from under my twin and I(we live together), we decided that a Christmas tree was a luxury and we honestly couldn’t afford it. But Thursday my sister got a call from our cousin, who is her best friend, saying that she bought us a tree and it was coming Saturday. The extra beauty of it is that that’s when I was to pick up presents from my church family for my kids!

God made it so we had a tree on the exact day I was going to get the gifts. It might seem simple, especially when so many horrible things are happening in the world, but I hang on to any little glimmers of hope that God is hearing my prayers and has not forsaken me. Do I need a few things, yes, but I know in due time God will bless me.

I hope that this brings encouragement to anyone having a hard time this Christmas season. Don’t worry about anything but PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING! Don’t forget to click the link for the full testimony.


As always ((HUGS AND LOVE))



4 thoughts on “God’s blessings during a hard season

  1. My mom and I watched your testimony! It was a blessing, thank you for sharing it! Thanks for this encouraging post. He is faithful to us always. 🙏🏿

  2. Thank you, I just blessed two Ladies today and that made me happy. I m behind on my Mortgage but God is making sure we will be able to pay January. My husband is still out of work because of the incidence of cutting part of his finger off, at home, on his birthday 5 weeks ago. Money is short but God provides. HE is very good indeed. I trust Him to help us keep our home I love a lot. His Will be done but I asked Him to PLEASE if, at all possible, I wanted not to lose our home. He will come through I know it. I am following you now and hope you follow me as well.
    God bless you and a hug to you as well.

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