Encouragement Faith

The promise still stands

1 Corinthians 16: 15 Remember his promise [a] forever, the word that he commanded for a thousand generations, 16 the promise that He made to Abraham,
and his sworn promise to Isaac. 17 He confirmed it as a law for Jacob, as an everlasting promise to Israel,

Have you ever told your child something and they remember it no matter how much time had passed? Maybe you were in the store and told your little one that when you got more money you’d buy them the toy they’ve been eyeing. Children have a great memory and as soon as your paycheck hits they remind you word for word of what you said. They remember your promise and have no doubt that you’ll fulfill it.

I think about my own kids. They hold me to everything I tell them. Whether I said we’d go to the park on a specific day, I promised them a toy, or I said we’d bake dessert together over the weekend. My kids will remind me of what I said as soon as they wake up. They believe that as their mother, I’m telling the truth. They never question whether or not I’ll keep my word, they automatically know I will.

 The Bible calls us to be like little children. They’re so many characteristics that children have like being joyful, honest, and also trusting. Children trust their parents and caregivers. They don’t think twice about whether they’ll be provided for. Kids don’t have worries about the how, what, and when. They just know that whatever their parents promised is coming.

God is our father and in many ways He wants us to be trusting of Him. He wants us to trust that He will provide and trust that He will keep His promises to us. Even when we can’t see the preparation and the work He’s doing, we have to still believe that He’s going to do what He said. Believing in the promise takes faith.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

It can be really hard depending on what we are going through, to continue to believe that God will keep His promise. Not because we think God can’t do it but because we have so much going on we can’t imagine how He will. Often times we may think about our own strengths and our own capabilities. God’s ability to make His promise come to pass has nothing to do with what we can and can’t do.

God wants us to believe in what He told us. He wants us to see him as a father who loves His children and wants to give them what they need and more than they’ve asked for. He wants us to see Him as a loving parent who will always take good care of His kids. 

No matter what it looks like, His promise still stands because He’s faithful! I pray that this was encouraging and as always, Hugs and Love!

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