Never give up

Can I be honest with you? There are days where I feel completely out of it. I mean low down in the dumps. Sometimes, I think about all the things I thought I’d have accomplished by now. I was suppose to be a successful writer, my social media presence was suppose to have sky rocketed, I’d have become a full time entrepreneur, bought a house— blah, blah, blah.

I had dreams—a vision for my life that I’m not seeing now. I can’t lie, I’ve whined and cried about it. Honestly, I sometimes get so heart broken about where I’m at now, that I forgot where I’ve been. It can be hard to look around and fully grasp the extent of actual success because we think success is a brand new car wrapped up in a giant bow.

Not all success can be measured by some huge act, event, or object. A year ago, I had just started a new job almost two months after I left a toxic relationship. I had about $40 to my name around this time last year, which I used to catch the bus with my then two and three year old daughters. I didn’t even know how to drive and I was living at my cousin’s house. Now, I’ve been at my job a year, I got my license, got a car , I have my own place, and I’m working on my second fictional book.

I can’t deny that even though I had an idea of what my life was suppose to be, what I’ve overcome is extremely impressive. Slowly, I’m realizing that my life is coming together but God had to get the important things done first. I just kept pushing, I kept going despite all my hurdles. I know that if I continue to push for more, I’ll get more. I simply can’t give up. In the mist of the storm it’s hard to see let alone imagine the sunshine but it will come again.

I hope that whatever it is you may be facing, you keep going strong. And like always, ((HUGGS & LOVE))


2 thoughts on “Never give up

  1. I wrote some of my life story, just a little. hopefully, memoir /book and i m not giving up in trying to find help, maybe if you do not want to help, you know someone who would consider helping me. I wrote a comment earlier begging almost, lol. You say, never give up. I’m starting to think that maybe this is not God telling me to write it but just me. I have been so sure God wanted me to write it but I do not have any money to pay a ghostwriter $25.000, (I am behind in my mortgage, LOL), but a true story to tell and is about love sin and redemption. I am a born again Christian 23 years now with this thought in my mind and heart to write and help others to see how the Lord has forgiven me and sustained me during my lifetime. I wrote a little. It is a mess not in order and only a part of my life. If interested I can send you or someone you know that might want to help me, what I wrote in my poor English so far, please help me. Thank you, either way, God Bless you. patriziaveen@gmail.com if you want to respond, thank you for reading my crazy thoughts, this is impossible for me to do but with God all things are possible. I will NOT give up asking for help. If my memoir would be published I would pay whatever is asked by any ghostwriter and more. Be Blessed, Pat, Child of God.

    1. Hey! I did reply to your email lol. God is always ready for us to share our testimony if it glorifies him. You don’t need a ghost writer. If you can get your thoughts in order, you can write it and get someone to edit it for you.

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