God answered my prayers!

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For those that don’t know, I left an abusive relationship last July. All I had was $300 and a weeks worth of clothes for my kids and I. I ended up living with my cousin. Long story short, I went through hell and back to get on my feet.

I got a job three and a half weeks later but had no way to get to work besides the bus. I had to walk 20 minutes holding my then 2 year old and three year old in my arms. It was dark and they were frightened every time we left the house at 6:35 am. I remember walking up a slight incline with my screaming girls who insisted that it was still night time and it wasn’t safe for us to be out.

I thought about that— our safety and prayed to God, asking him to protect us. Sometimes I’d scream to the top of my lungs at God, telling him to help me. Tears in my eyes, pain crippling my back from the weight of my children, I was hopelessly hopeful that he would.

From September 17 to December 22 I did this. Somehow, I had the strength to do this day after day for months. By the time Christmas break came around my twin sister, who moved in with us to help me out with my kids and to watch my infant son, and I had come to terms that she needed a job in order for us to move out. My cousin was moving to another city and I didn’t  have the means to go with her and start over. Once my work place offered my sister a job we had to figure out how I would get my son to his daycare.

A week before I was due back to work I told God that he needed to get me a car by the end of the week and he needed to make sure I didn’t have to worry about registering it. I didn’t know how that would be possible but I knew I had to trust God. It was the most demanding I had ever been.

By the time Friday had rolled around, I basically had a nervous breakdown because it was just days before I was to return to work not knowing how I was going to manage without a car and hardly any money. I ended up bawling my eyes out to my cousin who then told me we should go get a car. I thought she was crazy because my credit is low and my money was lower. She then said she’d get it for me and I just needed to make the payments.

I was in disbelief. The VERY next day we went to a dealership and 6 hours later I was driving off with my brand new 2019 car that had already been registered! I expected to get a used car, at the most a 2013 but no. You guys, the amount of discounts our sales man gave us was amazing. He even refused to give of a used car because the ones in our price range were all old and had high mileage.  We found out later that even one of the workers there had a higher car payment than I did and the salesman was the BEST one there who had well exceeded his quota for the year. He genuinely wanted to give me a car I could afford after hearing a little bit of my story.

I still can’t believe I have a car and I no longer have to walk and catch the bus to work. The way everything worked out was beyond coincidental.  Faith is a powerful thing and you can really manifest your greatest desire if you believe and demand of God enough. Lol. Anything is possible and no matter how hard things get, keep pushing for your breakthrough!

As always ((HUGGS & LOVES))

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