Things my kids cry about that signify the end of the world!

It’s obvious that kids are going to cry. They’re little and depend on us for everything they need, so in a moment of frustration or desperation they let out a some tears to let us know something is wrong. Not everything, however, is a cry alerting us to an injury, or hunger, or sleep deprivation. Oh no! Some things they cry about are so much more, to them, earth shattering.

I’ve created a list of some of the things my little ones cry about that have left me scratching my head and saying, “Huh?”

1. A bent lollipop stick- My eldest’s first official “life’s not fair” meltdown was over a bent lollipop stick. It took me at least three times taking it from her to realize what the problem was.

2. Broken piece of potato- Again my oldest wins this one. She was eating potatoes  when one tiny piece broke off . She insisted that I put the potato back together. I’m glad a one and a half year old had so much faith in my capabilities. I couldn’t put it back together.

3. Changing cat litter- My youngest completely wigged out at the site of me throwing away old kitty litter. She said, “Don’t do that, mami!” She told me it was for the cat and that I needed to leave the bathroom.

4. Wanting me to open a book- I recently bought a book about Noah’s art. I got the super hard cover because my kids like to rip pages. My youngest not knowing what page the picture of the monkeys is on, will cry for me to open the page for her.

5. Broken soap- My oldest, yet again, was hopping mad the other day. The soap had broken in half and she asked me to “put it” back together. As any reasonable person would, I smashed the pieces together and made a ball. She was not having it and cried until I made it as close to the normal shape as possible.

6. Rice underneath feet- My oldest has always hated anything irritating the bottom of her feet– dirt, sand, little pebbles. My youngest never cared about that stuff, until now. One night, after messy eating, my youngest stepped on some rice. She lost it and referred to it as poop.

These are just a sprinkle of what they’re gotten upset over. I know, as a parent, I’m not alone in this! I’ve read some hilarious stories of other parents’ struggles. At least we’ll have interesting things to tell our kids when they’re older.

As always, thanks for reading! ((Hugs & Love))

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