How to revive household batteries.

For the past week my Tv remote had been completely useless to me. I kept forgetting to buy new batteries and it had become extremely boring having to watch only DVDs. I thought that there was absolutely no reason to keep the batteries in the remote and waa going to throw them out.

Today, I decided to search “how to get a battery to work again.” It was worth a shot and I had nothing to lose. I stumbled upon a great post. It said to rub the ends of the batteries with a rough material like jeans and also to use a pencil eraser and rub whatever the batteries were going to connect to.

So, I tried it. I rubbed the ends of the batteries with my comforter and wiped the contacts with a towel. I tried the remote but it didn’t work. I decided to give it another try. This time I rubbed the ends vigorously for 20 seconds each and I didn’t rub the contacts. And it worked!!! That was about five hours ago and the remote is still working. It’s working better than it had been working for the past month and a half. I feel so accomplished over something so simple.

I hope if you ever find yourself with dead batteries and no new ones handy that this works for you! Thanks for reading Loves!!!


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