I let my one year old daughters do my makeup

Link to the video here—>I let my babies do my makeup!

The last few weeks have been rough for me. I lost a family member, had a not so great conversation with my mother, and I’m preparing to move to a new place. It’s easy to say I needed some laugher in my life.

I’ve recently started making YouTube videos just as an extra hobby while my girls nap. Usually if I try to record while they’re awake, they swarm all over me. This time I decided to envolve them in the madness by having them do my makeup!

Guy, RIGHT AWAY they tried eating the foundation! They put the brushes in they’re mouth, and the ran around with all the makeup supplies. It took so long to whine them down just to do the video.

Once they started to put on the foundation on my face, I thought I would lose an eye because they were so rough. It might not look like it but they were hitting the brushes super hard on my face. The kept placing product in the same spot so it was hilarious to see them go to work on just my cheeks–maybe they weren’t tall enough to do my forehead…who knows.

One of my daughters dropped the eyeshadow palette and it broke and was all over my leg and the floor. I edit that out lol. They started to put foundation on their face, which made my have a heart attack. Their skin is way too good for it. The decided that foundation on their face wasn’t good enough so they put it all over their hands and feet as well as the eyeshadow. I got a glimpse of them both eating the lipsticks before what they were doing registered in my head.

It was fun. They floor was a mess but it was all worth the laugh. I honestly didn’t expect to look like I was trying to camouflage in the jungle but hey, what do one year olds know about that stuff anyway? I don’t even know that much about makeup.

If you want a laugh give your gives a random task like I did and see what happens! Like always ((Hugs and love)).

4 thoughts on “I let my one year old daughters do my makeup

  1. Oh my gosh the video was hilarious!!!! I used to do this with my daughter. She actually gives me amazing make overs now that she is 20!
    You are so beautiful! I love that you have fun with your girls

    1. Thank you so much! And lol I have a long ways to go before my girls are 20. I have to find interesting ways to entertain them because they are not the kind of kids that can sit down infront of the tv all day. They’re very active…run in the grass and play in dirt kind of babies. Lol

      1. My daughter was the SAME!!! If it was hot out then she was in the sprinkler making mud or drawing with chalk or playing hide and seek with her little neighborhood friends. She never has been one to sit in front of the tv. She would do cartwheels or play with a hoolahoop while watching tv! But never just sit there!

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