Moms support other moms!*Rant*

Ok, the other day I saw a post about how moms need to stop selling stuff to other moms. Against my better judgement, I read the article and the comments that followed. What I got from it was a vast amount of bitter mommies taking out their pitchforks at mothers who run a home business. Stay home with your kid you’re lazy. Work and have them go to daycare you’re a bad mom. God forbid you stay home and work from home, you’re a money hungry *beep*.

Yeah, it can be a bother if someone is shoving a product down your throat, but do remember there’s a word called “No.” I mean really, what’s the harm in going to one of those product parties? Are you going to go home and say “Man I wish I didn’t get a free facial.” or “I regret taking thaf free lipgloss.” You aren’t obligated to buy anything. When you take a free sample at the mall do you feel like you HAVE to buy that product? No? Oh, there’s that wonderful word again.

Stay at home moms sometimes want a bit of extra cash; it can be to help out with finances or so she can have a little something just for her. Either way she is trying to become a business woman and can benefit from your support. Some people can be pushy yes but not everyone is going to force feed you their products. If you don’t have any interest in it, there is no need to huff and puff over a woman simply trying to make ends meet or following a life long dream.

Honestly, chances are that her little product get togethers are her only human contact out of mommy-ville. She may be selling products but enjoying your company at the same time. If she is your friend why not support her? An hour or so out of your life talking and laughing while you try on some cream that might just help with those bags under your eyes; which jr has help to create because he thinks that 3am is when all the action happens.

Some women never bat an eye at that designer hand bag thats worth half the rent. I don’t get what’s so troubling about spending what, 20 bucks on a set of really amazing lip balm. What is it about that? Nicki nobody can’t have your hard earned money but some rich Mitch, whose sitting in a house worth more than your entire family’s life time income, can get a couple hundred?

The struggle is real to become a successful entrepreneur but it can be even harder on parents. We can’t take too many risk or dip into savings because it has now become college fund money.You can bombard me with as much as you like, I don’t mind. If I have no interest in what you’re selling Sally, I would glading share it with people who might. Call me crazy but I think mothers should support one another. No money needs to be spent. Cheer a girl on why don’t ya!




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